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We are really pleased with the kitchen extension in Overton, Hampshire.

The main brief was to enlarge the kitchen and include a social/dining area. So, at the end of a busy day, one person could sit at the dining table or breakfast bar and enjoy some evening conversation whilst the other was cooking. An important design concept was the high ceiling and large window. As the extension was north facing, this has allowed for the maximum amount of light to pour into this new cooking/socialising area.

From a construction perspective, a lot of effort and care went into tanking the extension. This is because the floor of the kitchen is some 4ft lower than the garden itself. By tanking, we prevent any water in the soil from penetrating into the building. We also excavated more earth from around the side of the building to allow better exterior access to the new extension from the front and also to the garden. A nice touch has also been the addition of brick lights, a subtle and contemporary way to light the new pathway and stairs.

This is now the new hub of the home!

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