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Ready for Christmas Dinner!

Big finish for the kitchen!

Today we had the solid marble worktop delivered and installed. Custom made to fit over the hand made kitchen cabinets and pillars, it took eight men to lift and delicately put into place. With the final piece of hardware installed we can put in the finishing touches like taps, fit the sink, oven and so on.

Letting the light flood in.

With the glazed lantern installed, we are waiting for the large windows to be complete. In a matter of days, specialist craftsmen will arrive on site to carry out the installation. The windows make up the majority of the exterior. Once fitted, light will flood in, giving way to wonderful views of the grounds. The underfloor heating, double glazing and insulation will keep this new area warm and cosy while the family tuck into the turkey!

Finishing touches.

As you can see from the image below, there is the opening to the wine cellar to complete! When we return after Christmas, the new flooring will be placed on top to make it appear completely hidden. At the touch of a button, this motorised doorway will reveal the set of steps and the latest LED lighting to show the wine selection beneath!

The family wanted to be able to celebrate Christmas Day in this wonderful new space and we’re on track to enable them to do just that.

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