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House Extension – Laverstoke Builder in Hampshire

Finishing the build. We have been so lucky with the weather. We have been able to push on With this house extension in Laverstoke. The rubble has now been removed by wheelbarrow. We are awaiting the sliding doors and will then complete the interior decoration, electrics and flooring.

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House Extension – Laverstoke Builder in Hampshire

Laverstoke House Extension. Making the most of what you have. Laverstoke is a lovely part of Hampshire. However, the homes are very close together. Extending them can be difficult as access is tricky. Here, we gain access to the rear by going through next door's garden. As considerate builders, there will be no heavy [...]

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Major Bungalow Extension – Laverstoke Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand - Laverstoke Builder - Bungalow Extension. Delighted to say that we have nearly finished this major bungalow extension in Laverstoke. The family have now moved back in and are delighted with the new space and feature bedroom. See video. Just some small finishing off items and this new home is complete! [...]

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